MXN Camera Systems

MXN camera systems are the best choice to solve a vehicle’s blind spot and reversing issues. All MXN camera systems are especially developed for professional mobile purposes such as rearview, sideview, frontview or general allround view on commercial and industrial vehicles.


The professional MXN range of products, based on most recent developments and technology, are a major benefit for the safety of human beings. The installation of a MXN camera system, protects against collisions with financial and/or physical consequences and improves the drivers ’peace of mind’. Insurance premiums can be reduced in case of no-claims; the investment in a MXN camera system pays for itself!



The advanced MXN manufacturing facilities are founded on many years of practical experience by professional R&D teams, customer’s demands and a stable growing sales network. Within the range of the quality management system, various performance tests are conducted on a regular basis: waterproofing tests, vibration and temperature tests, saltspray and operation in harshconditions tests, etc., generally fulfilled y independent testing institutes in order to guarantee the equipment’s stability.



High quality, durability and user-friendly are important keywords during development and production of every new MXN product. One of the unique selling points of the MXN camera systems is the connectivity; all camera-inputs and all camera-outputs have been the same for many years already. For example: as it is today, a 16 year ‘old’ MXN camera or monitor can be connected to a current new MXN camera or monitor without installation of new camera-cables. All MXN cameras and all MXN monitors are compatible with each other.



MXN is committed to launching innovative products. MXN is the first to launch waterproof, high resolution digital LCD’s with pre-heater function. MXN is also the first to launch full touchscreen controlled LCD monitors, with splitscreen function, built-in speedswitch and an SD card based recorder in the top of the range model. A variety of the MXN cameras and even monitors have reached the highest waterproof rating of IP69K.  All MXN products are EMC approved and CE marked; several models are R46 and 2003/97/EC approved for indirect vision (frontview) for trucks.